Team Building

A team-building day out is fun, exhilarating and you can learn new skills

Sailing is a natural team-building activity, you have to work together well, communicate clearly and have clear roles and responsibilities simply to make the yacht move! So if you are considering a team-building day out that is fun, exhilarating and you can learn new skills – why not take to the water for a day out with a difference.

Every event that is booked with Sailing Logic will be managed from start to finish by one of our events team so you can be assured that your event will run seamlessly. Also we hand-pick only the best skippers and mates to work with us. Not only do they have the technical know-how, but they have the people skills to really make a team gel and have fun together.

A team building day with Sailing Logic always starts with a safety brief – so even if you have never stepped on a yacht before, you’ll feel right at home in a matter of minutes.

We encourage everyone to get involved and have a go at sailing the boat, including hoisting the sails, winching and taking the helm. You’ll be so busy having fun, you won’t even realise how much you have learned!

Strategy Development

A perfect way to test your team’s ability to generate and follow a strategy. We use a specially designed model whereby the team has to visit buoys in the Solent to earn points – but do you choose the high-value points but risk getting slowed down by the tide coming back, or stay local and go for more easy to reach points??!

Leadership Development

There are many synergies between leadership skills and teamwork in business and in high performance sports teams. So, if you are after a more structured learning programme, we can provide facilitators to help use this natural learning environment to demonstrate effective teamwork, good communication, the importance of agreed objectives and clearly defined roles.  

Group Sizes:

  • Small Groups – up to 10 people. You can all sail on a single yacht.
  • Medium Groups – 10-50 people. You will need up to six yachts for your group. The itinerary is the same as above, but in the afternoon you will race against each other, and as the yachts are all identical the results will be down to the team work!
  • Large Groups – 50 – 500 people. For larger groups, we offer a choice of a ‘flotilla’ where everyone sails to a destination and back, or a ‘regatta’ format. All yachts would race under a handicap system to ensure fair racing where the best team will win
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